About MM Talks

MM Talks is a documentation of extraordinary knowledge of our people. In just under ten
minutes, the speaker not only addresses professional concerns in his or her field – along
with tips on how to overcome them – but also, candidly shares the challenges of their
personal life and society at large, inspiring others who may be struggling. This format is
unprecedented and hard to find in any local records.
Ranging from spirituality to business, social to individual, global to inspirational, one can
browse through a plethora of collective wisdom and growth through MM Talks. Our
agenda is to leave behind a mindful legacy for the generations to come.

Featured Videos

Ranya Nargis Nasir

Bullying Made Me Stronger

Azeem Christopher

The Importance Of Community Development

Owais Ali Khan

Adopt An Attitude of Gratitude

Ramma Cheema

Misogyny: A Daughter's Journey

Mindful Presents: 35th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons

Ramma Cheema

Misogyny: A Daughter's Journey

New on MM Talks

Women And Access To Health
by Dr. Huma Majeed Khan

Dr. Huma Majeed Khan is a general and breast surgeon and practices at Ittefaq hospital Lahore. Being a humanist at heart, she has a deep commitment to betterment of health care systems and safeguarding rights in Pakistan.

At MM Talks, Dr. Huma Majeed highlights the state of accessibility of healthcare for women in Pakistan. She considers it essential to improve education and training along with need to remove barriers for equal opportunity and effective delivery of services in health care in particular and society, in general. Without this, progress is not possible.

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